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Netcomm NL20MESH


The NF20MESH is a CloudMesh Gateway delivering super fast Wi-Fi 6 experience throughout your home or office.

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Bringing the modern, adaptive Wi-Fi experience to the home user, the Wi-Fi 6 CloudMesh Gateway is a CloudMesh-enabled Gateway to deliver a world-class home Wi-Fi experience.

Wi-Fi 6 Is Here
Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi. Delivering significant speed, performance and efficiency improvements, it provides up to four times more device capacity than Wi-Fi 5. These improvements enable end users to stream higher quality with more devices on the network, while still operating at optimal performance. Your Wi-Fi 6 Gateway will future-proof your Wi-Fi experience, and enable smart devices throughout your modern, connected home.

Mesh Enabled
The CloudMesh Gateway (NF20MESH) works wirelessly with the CloudMesh Satellite (NS-02), forming a single powerful Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh network with all the control and settings centralized on the gateway. The gateway becomes the Wi-Fi Mesh master node and the Wi-Fi client device roams seamlessly between satellites and the gateway.

Easy Pairing With Cloudmesh Satellites
The CloudMesh system is a turnkey, out-of-the-box solution. ISP Satellite pre-provisioning is available via a cloud portal and API, allowing for a Zero Touch configuration experience for the end-user. There is also an easy and fast alternative for in home setup using WPS buttons


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